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Boost Your Energy with a Multi

Boost Your Energy with a Multi

Feeling run down? You're not alone. Most of us could use a little pep in our step, and it could be as easy as choosing the right multivitamin. A whole-food multi will provide not only the vitamins and minerals necessary for energy production, including B vitamins, vitamin D, and magnesium but also the complex package of nutrients found in whole foods to support healthy energy.

As an added bonus, a whole-food multi formulated for energy support will contain foods and herbs that contain natural energy boosters, like caffeine -- and it delivers all the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other health-promoting compounds contained in the food or herb as well. Along with a healthy diet and regular physical activity, look for the following ingredients in a whole-food multivitamin to support energy naturally.

Green coffee bean: These are the seeds found inside the coffee plant -- or simply unroasted coffee beans. They're a natural source of caffeine and they also boast high levels of chlorogenic acid, an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that some research suggests may aid weight loss.

Green tea extract: The caffeine in green tea is a natural energy booster. Green tea is also packed with powerful antioxidants that studies link to heart health, blood-sugar control, and protection against certain types of cancer.

Guarana: This herb is also a natural source of caffeine and it is believed to boost energy by stimulating the central nervous system. In addition to improving energy levels, it may also support mood and focus.

Kola nut: The kola nut contains caffeine, which helps combat fatigue and promote alertness. The nuts also contain glucose for a quick boost of energy.

Yerba mate: Well known for providing a gentle energy boost, yerba mate contains a moderate amount of caffeine as well as theobromine and a slew of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and amino acids to support overall well-being.

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